For the past two years Del Bel has been brewing up a quiet storm in Southern Ontario. Each piece is composed and orchestrated by Tyler Belluz while balanced by the lyrical and vocal melodies sung by Lisa Conway. This collaboration within their songwriting has created a musical spectrum, challenging one to classify this eeire blend of themes. Since releasing their debut album, Oneiric, independently, they have garnered critically acclaim from some of the stronger voices within music journalism. Ben Rayner of the Toronto star reviewed Oneiric as "one of the best Canadian albums of the year.." which led the band to be ranked in the Toronto Star in their top 10 albums within North America and top 10 singles of the year. Other notable journalists such as Michael Barclay claimed Oneiric as "easily one of the strongest Canadian albums of the last 12 months," which was similarly written by Ben Boles of NOW Magazine, Stuart Berman of GridTO, Frank Yang of Chromewaves. Del Bel have charted nationally on college radio in the Earshot! rankings, as well as being in the top 30 for a month on CBC radio 3 (R3-30). Thanks to major support from CBC host Laurie Brown, Oneiric was played heavily on her program, as well additional CBC radio 1 and 2 programs, ultimately leading the band to score two independent USA films featured at film festivals internationally.

Past Oneiric, Del Bel collaborated with Bry Webb and put out a duet single and later released a remix album. To date they have played NXNE, Suoni Per il Popolo, Sappyfest, Images Film Festival, and has shared bills with Snowblink, Coure de Pirate, and Bry Webb. The album musically sits within the genre found in cinematic scores/ film noir while accompanied by vocal stylings found in bands such as Broadcast, Portishead and The Luyas.